In a brave and valiant effort, George smashed one of the windows and tried to gain entry to the house, inadvertently giving the fire more oxygen and making it worse. As he clambered inside, acrid smoke clouded his vision and he was unable to see anything in front of him. He knew that 2-year-old Sylvia, 17-year-old Marion, 23-year-old John and 16-year-old George Jr had all made it out safely.

This meant that 14-year-old Maurice, 12-year-old Martha, 10-year-old Louis, 8-year-old Jennie and 6-year-old Bettie were all unaccounted for. George sprinted through the house, screaming his children's names and praying for a response, but all he heard was the roaring flames as they consumed the home. After realizing he couldn’t get them from the inside, he had a brainwave. He always kept a ladder propped up against one of the exterior walls to the home and knew that he would be able to position the ladder underneath one of their bedrooms and usher them to safety that way....

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Script and research by Emma Tranter - The True Crime Witch Podcast
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