People all over the world go missing for a variety of reasons – whether it be by sheer accident or foul play. Some have even posited UFO abductions or inter-dimensional portals. Theories range from a series of unfortunate random events to sinister forces few would dare attempt to understand. Yet most people would agree that there is no more sinister force on this planet than that of the North Korean regime – a regime rife with human rights abuses and atrocities committed against its own people.
In 2002, Kim Jong Il, the then-leader of North Korea, confirmed to the world what had been suspected by different intelligence agencies across multiple countries – that North Korea had been secretly abducting foreign nationals through the use of covertly embedded agents.
The majority of those abducted had historically been South Korean, Japanese, or North Korean defectors, but other accounts have arisen of people in Europe and the Middle East being taken as well. The reasons behind these abductions vary – some for taking subversive actions against the North Korean government, others for their knowledge and expertise in a given field. But there had been no instances of an American being abducted until, that is, the case of David Louis Sneddon.

Intro: 0:00
David Louis Sneddon: 1:45
David's Disappearance: 3:37
The Search For David: 7:07
David Spotted In North Korea: 11:38
Outro: 15:58

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Narration and Video by Dylan Wade Clark
Script and research by Donny Cho


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