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I am a 56 year old male, served in the US Army as a Combat Engineer, I have hunted, camped, fished, been an outdoorsman all my life. I am a carpenter and craftsman, I build, install cabinets, countertops at a full time job. I am in the woods almost every weekend hiking, researching the Florida Skunk Ape, Sasquatch, Bigfoot. I am a Tracker and Read the ground to learn what animals and Wild Men are in my areas that I research. I have a YouTube Channel as Tim T in Florida where I share my experiences and my adventures. This past year I have a group of researchers that go out with me. Together we have found Foot Prints, Hairs, Orbs, Beings or Sasquatch ( Wild Men ), tree structures. All of these on video or photos. We have encountered paranormal activities, like sounds, tree knocks, whispers on camera and on audio, phones being unlocked and internet searches and phone calls being made, memory cards being zapped and no longer any good. Game cameras being turned away from facing gifting areas.

Nov. 7, 2021

The Skunk Ape, A Mysterious Orb and Dracula | After Dark 002

Welcome to " After Dark !" Do you have a true encounter story with the PARANORMAL ?! Do you have a STRANGE NEWS topic that you wo…

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