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Nomar Slevik


Nomar Slevik is an independent creator, researcher and investigator in numerous aspects of the paranormal. He delights in sharing stories through different mediums such as books, documentaries and podcasts. He has shared his works with hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts and continues to work from his home in coastal Maine.

Slevik has been fascinated by all things paranormal since childhood, beginning with a UFO encounter at 4 years old. His life's passion has been to research, investigate, write, and share paranormal encounters from everyday people in a way that conveys the human element of profoundly strange encounters.

June 27, 2021

24: Aliens, Ufos, and The Mothman! What else is the state of Maine hi…

On this weeks episode I am joined my Author Nomar Slevik to discuss his book "Otherworldly Encounters." We talk about the UFO hot…

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