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April 11, 2021

15: Big Brother Bigfoot: Interview with Connor Flynn

Join Dylan this week as he interviews 3 time author, actor, cryptid hunter and the man behind both the Instagram and YouTube chan…

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March 28, 2021

14: The Unsolved Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam: A Disney Cover Up

In this weeks episode we dive into The Unsolved Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam. What is Disney covering up! On the early morning…

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March 14, 2021

13: Scary Stories UFOs/Aliens/Glitches in the Matrix

Join us on this weeks episode of scary stories. Were we narrated some of the scariest stories we have found throughout the weeks…

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March 7, 2021

12: The Paris Catacombs

In this weeks episode we dive into Paris's underground and talk about The Catacombs, Les UX and much more! This is our second fan…

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Feb. 28, 2021

Episode 11: Scary Stories: Hiking/Camping

In this weeks episode we introduce a minisode where we narrate scary stories we have found throughout the weeks. Each minisode wi…

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Feb. 22, 2021

Episode 10: The Dyatlov Pass

In January, 1959 a Group of students led by Igor Dyatlov would set out on a skiing expedition in the Ural Mountains, what the sea…

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Feb. 7, 2021

Episode 9: The Unsolved Disappearance of Brian Shaffer

On the night of March 31, 2006 Ohio State medical student Brian Shaffer would join his friends to celebrate the beginning of spr…

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Jan. 18, 2021

Creepy Unsolved Trailer

Welcome to Creepy Unsolved. Let us dive into creepy stories, unsolved mysteries and unexplainable events! You can reach out to sa…

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Jan. 17, 2021

Episode 8: The Unsolved Disappearance of Jason Jolkowski ft Sabrina N…

On the morning of June 13, 2001 19 year old Jason Jolkowski was walking to his local high school to meet a co-worker for a ride t…

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Jan. 3, 2021

Episode 7: How I Cheated Death: Harrison Okene

On May 26th 2013 Jascon-4 the tug boat Harrison Okene worked on was capsized and sunk to the bottom of the ocean leaving Harrison…

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Dec. 27, 2020

Episode 6: How I cheated death: Juliane Koepcke

On Christmas Eve 1971 Juliane and her mother would board LANSA flight 508, a ride that would forever change their lives... You ca…

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Dec. 20, 2020

Episode 5: My Encounter with a Serial Killer

#SerialKillers #Closeencounters Join me on this weeks episode of Creepy Unsolved were were look into 3 close encounters with Seri…

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Dec. 12, 2020

Episode 4: Vince Li and The Killing of Tim McLean

The week episode we will take a look at Vince Li and The Killing of Tim McLean. Vince Li walks as a free man after his heinous ac…

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Dec. 4, 2020

Episode 3: Wendigo

The week episode we will take a look at the flesh craving Wendigo You can also reach out to say hello, offer ideas for future epi…

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Nov. 30, 2020

Episode 2: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Missing people: Dennis…

The 1969 Disappearance of Dennis Martin…

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Nov. 27, 2020

Episode 1: The Jeff Boiler Story

In 1997 Jeff Boiler had a encounter in the Cascade Mountain range in Oregon he would never forget... Reach out with show ideas an…

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