Oct. 24, 2021

“My Personal Encounter With The Glimmer Man Entity” By Gemma Jade (A True Story)

“My Personal Encounter With The Glimmer Man Entity” By Gemma Jade (A True Story)

It seems like every time we turn around, especially in this paranormal community, we hear another encounter of someone seeing something strange in, near or around heavily wooded and forested areas. This is happening all over the world and the vast difference in the creatures and beings either being seen or sensed is too great to name. There is one being though, or creature if you will, which is striking fear into the hearts of all who have encountered or even just read about it. It is known to some as Glimmer Man, to others The Predator Entity and to most of the community at large- translucent humanoid beings. But what, exactly, are they? While I won’t be able to give you any kind of definitive answer on this, at least not yet. I would like to share with you my encounter.

First though, let’s just go over, for those of you who don’t know or are unsure, what we are talking about here. All over the world, as I previously mentioned, it’s becoming more and more common to hear these reports. A person will be in the woods hiking, camping, hunting or just spending some time in nature and they will encounter a being. At first they won’t be sure exactly if they had actually just seen what they did or not, for this particular entity is almost invisible to the naked eye. Perhaps that’s what makes it so incredibly terrifying. Some people, myself included, describe it as seeming to be cloaked somehow. As though there is something underneath whatever we are seeing. As if it’s purposely going out of it’s way to not only not be seen at all but to make sure if it does happen to be spotted, we can’t determine what it is we are seeing anyways. Much of the time these translucent humanoids are described as looking exactly like the entity from the movie The Predator. This makes things much more real on a whole different level as it leads us down so many rabbit holes of wondering if that movie was based, somehow, on someone’s true story. Let me recount for you my own personal experience with such an entity.

It started on a typical day in May in 2020 in Northern New Jersey when I was innocently having a picnic lunch with my then almost two year old, on a grassy knoll near some deep woods and hunting trails right next door to my house. My toddler son and I were outside on our 2 acres of land playing one day when he pointed to the wildlife protected land next door to us and showed me as if he wanted to go over there. “Sure” I thought, “why not?” It was somewhere we hadn’t been before and a literal two minute walk to get there. I packed up his little red wagon with treats and a soccer ball and off we went. The only thing separating this land from my backyard and property is a beautiful babbling brook. We were over there for about twenty minutes when I asked my toddler if he would like some fruit. He nodded in the affirmative and when I turned to get it for us, I noticed something that filled me with a deep and primal sense of dread. It was almost like, for no clear reason at all yet at that point, my fight, flight or freeze instinct kicked in. Suddenly though, I realized why.

There were no sounds at all. None of the annoying and incessant barking of the neighborhood dogs, none of the traffic from the main road not fifty yards away, the noisy brook no longer was babbling. Even the birds seemed to be soundless, if they were even there anymore at all. No chipmunks or squirrels were wandering about, moving swiftly in and out of the holes in the trees or jumping along the branches; they weren’t gathering acorns on the ground. The wind even seemed to stop and there was no rustling of the trees at all. I swear there was only one noise now and it was one my son was making.

He was clicking his tongue and staring up at a tall tree. I asked him what he saw that seemed to have him so incredibly captivated- almost entranced and wondered why he was making the sound I taught him to make to describe what bugs sound like. I mean, I didn’t know how to explain to him what something silent like an ant or grasshopper sounded like so I made up the easiest noise I could make and it seemed to work because he thought it was silly and stopped harassing me about what sound these creatures made. He was at that very curious age where he wanted to know everything about everything and thought mom knew all the answers to these unending questions. My son didn’t turn to answer me in his tiny toddler babble. In fact, he wasn’t even blinking as he was making this “bug noise” and staring, completely unmoving, up at this large tree. I shielded my eyes finally and decided to have a look for myself, figuring it had to be something awesome if it had gotten him to stop rambling and being in constant motion as toddlers that age always are. I repeated to him again something like, “What do you see up there honey? Is it a pretty birdy?” Again he didn’t answer but this time he did point. That’s when it suddenly dawned on me too that my son was no longer making this clicking noise with his tongue but that it was coming from whatever he was pointing at and so entranced by in this tree. As I shielded my eyes once more and looked again up to scan the tree line to see if I could make out what he was staring so hard at, I suddenly noticed a ripple right along the top of two large, v-shaped branches in this tree. Right at the very top. Every time the clicking sound would start, the trees even with the middle of these v-shaped branches would rustle. Almost like there was a straight line of wind going right through these certain leaves. Suddenly all of my senses were on high alert. I’m a protective mama bear and I felt like my little cub was somehow in danger. I can’t describe to you this feeling though most sensitives will understand what I’m talking about. It’s almost like the air changed all of the sudden. I could feel every single hair on the back of my neck and arms standing at full attention. It was like during an electrical storm right before lightning is about to strike and the sound was somehow more frightening to me than any thunderstorm I had ever heard. This gentle and subtle clicking sound. This is when I saw something I would never forget.

Mind you my son is still staring, mouth open wide and unblinking, just pointing at this tree about ten feet away from us. As I stood there, my eyes must have been wide with horror as I saw what looked like something shimmering in the tree. Shimmering, but in the shape of a human. Or was it a bug? I couldn’t tell because the way it was crouched down reminded me immediately of a praying mantis. One arm up and one…. What looked like a finger beckoning my son toward it. Was something in this tree trying to lure my baby to it? Into these woods? It looked like the heat looks when it’s a very hot summer day and you can kind of see how hot it is; you could see the heat in the air. It glimmered and shimmered in the light. As soon as I saw this I instinctively knew it was bad. I hadn’t yet started to even scratch the surface of my research into the supernatural or the paranormal- in the woods or otherwise at this point. Luckily however I had heard Steve Stockton give his account on his channel Missing Persons and Mysteries and while I had never actually seen the Predator movie, I had heard one other account of a bowhunter who had snapped a picture of one of these things while in the wilderness hunting one sunny day a few years before. “Glimmer Man” they were calling it. “Oh my goodness”, I thought. “I am looking at a glimmer man, right here in broad daylight not fifty yards away from a main road and it’s trying to lure my son to it!!”

All of these thoughts attacked my head at once. I tried to stay cool and be calm and pretend I hadn’t noticed it at all. The clicking sound had stopped. There was no movement other than me. My hand shielding my eyes from the sun and pretending to cluelessly scan the tree line. I asked my son again what it was he was looking at. “Just play dumb Gemma. Just be calm.” I thought. This time though, my son finally responded. He didn’t give me a direct answer of course and he still seemed kind of dazed and confused as he seemingly snapped out of whatever trance this thing had him in and was crying now for me. “Mama!! Bad bad!” He said as he pointed again to the tree. I was keeping my eyes the whole time on this entity in the tree above me and only saw the baby out of my peripheral vision. My son ran over to me as fast as his tiny legs could carry him and wrapped his arms around my legs. Face buried into my pants as he sobbed and sobbed in fear and confusion. The very second my son turned from this thing, I saw it’s head (or at least that’s what I thought it was. I mean it seemed to be located on this humanoid shape right where a head would be and it’s other movements like the beckoning finger and being crouched down all seemed fairly human-like), snapped very quickly over to stare at me. We had made direct eye contact and he knew that I knew it. I felt myself being pulled in. I felt a deep and overwhelming hatred penetrating me. I instinctively knew this thing wanted my son and was willing to destroy me without a second thought to get to him.

It took everything I had to turn my eyes away from it but I picked up my son and put him in his wagon and turned to leave. Praying with all of my might that this thing didn't follow us or attack me from behind. What I noticed though, is that the very second I took my son and turned around- the moment neither he nor I were looking at or even facing this thing- the world started again. The birds suddenly sprung into a song as though they hadn’t been silent just half a second ago. Instantaneously and as if on some kind of cue, the annoying neighborhood dogs started barking again. Some cars even drove by. The chipmunks and squirrels were dancing around each other, each in their own quest to get the most acorns into their little hidey-holes in the trees. Even the brook was babbling loudly and everything seemed so perfectly normal. As though I hadn’t just seen what I had.

It was all too much on that short walk home. I was shaking and my son was seemingly still a little bit dazed. It almost felt like all of these things were too loud, too bold, too active. Like they were putting on some kind of show meant to lull me into a false sense of security. Or perhaps to mess with my memory. “Did that just happen?’ I feel like that was a thought being drilled into my mind. By the time we got home it seemed like ten hours had passed and it had been about 15 minutes only from the time we had left our yard to the time we returned back to it. Lucky for me I knew exactly what I had just seen and what had been going on. I knew it’s intent, both with my son and with me, plain as day. I knew it down to my very core. I brought my son into the house and he was perfectly normal again. Back to his old rambling and running self. I however, would never be the same. I would also vowed to never go back over to that grassy knoll with the tree I can see from my bedroom window right here where I sit tonight writing to tell you all this story. There’s one more thing though. Each and every night, weather permitting, before the winter came in and made it impossible to do, I would take my son for a walk down our street. He would sit in his little red and yellow car and I would push him down our street with no sidewalk, our busy main road that was in the middle of nowhere and seemed like someone just bulldozed this one path through these extremely dense woods on either side of us. Unless I wanted to walk up a steep hill by going the other way or discontinue the walks my boy loved so much altogether, I would have to pass this tree where we had encountered this thing. Every night, weather permitting, I took my son for that walk for the next 6 or 7 months, as we passed that tree he would look up and point and then, in the smallest of whispers but clear as day he would announce, “Mama shhhh!! There it is.” 

I’ve since learned so much about this somewhat unknown and less popular entity. I say less popular as compared to the dogman or perhaps even bigfoot. Is it a cryptid though? I have some working theories. It feels comforting to know I’m not alone out there. To know that my glimmer man encounter as I’ve told it to you here is the highest ranking and most watched video on my YouTube channel still to this very day almost 16 months later. My now 3 and a half year old son hasn’t mentioned it and has even actually convinced me, once or twice, to bring him to the woods next door and let him ride his quad there on the grassy knoll and surrounding area. I never saw this thing again but I’ve sensed it many times. I’ve sensed it even in my own backyard which makes sense since my backyard is made up of the same woods that contained the tree this thing was lurking around on. Many people were skeptical not just of my video but of Steve’s recounting of my story on his channel. I don’t care though! I know what I saw and I also know, for an absolute fact, I’m not the only one out here who has had an encounter and is constantly searching for answers. Since that day I have done several videos on other people’s encounters with this “Glimmer Man” or “Predator Entity.” I still search for answers today because I want to know more than just what other people have experienced, but what exactly HAVE WE experienced? What is it? Where did it come from? Is it of this earth? Is it more than one thing? Well, I have my own theories about these things and extensive research too. If you’re just as interested as I am, I advise that you stay tuned!