May 9, 2021

18: Missing Persons and The Fae with Steve Stockton and Gemma Jade of Missing Persons Mysteries

18: Missing Persons and The Fae with Steve Stockton and Gemma Jade of Missing Persons Mysteries

Join us this week as we  are joined by two special guests from YouTube Channel Missing Persons Mysteries, Steve Stockton and Gemma Jade to discuss Missing Persons and The Fae.

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Steve Stockton Profile Photo

Steve Stockton

Author/Narrator/Producer/Film Maker

Steve Stockton is a veteran outdoorsman, author and has been
investigating the unexplained for over 35 years. Originally from the mountains of East
Tennessee, Steve has traveled all over the country and many parts of the world and
now makes his home in Portland, Oregon, near the wilds and "bigfoot country" of the
Pacific Northwest.
Steve cites as his influences his "gypsy witch" grandmother who told him multitudes of
legends and stories as a small child, as well as authors such as Frank Edwards, John
Keel, Charles Fort, Loren Coleman, Ivan Sanderson, Colin Wilson and Nick Redfern.
His published books include Strange Things in the Woods & More Strange Things in the
Woods (collections of true, paranormal encounters) as well as the autobiographical My
Strange World, where he talks about his own experiences dating back to childhood.
Steve is currently at work on a book of ghost stories and also a book about myths and
legends of the Great Smoky Mountains, both expected to be available this year.

Gemma Jade Profile Photo

Gemma Jade

Author/Mom/Psychic/Earth Angel

Gemma is a psychic from Northern New Jersey who has had encounters since the age of 4 with extraterrestrials, spirits, ghosts, demons, fae creatures and more. She is also an author and writes about the fae and is working on books about other supernatural entities. She has a YouTube channel titled simply Gemma Jade and is head writer for Missing Persons and Mysteries channel on YouTube as well. Gemma Jade and Steve Stockton team up 2-3 times a week to stream live and give like minded individuals and subscribers a platform to tell their stories. Gemma also reads Oracle intuitively and offers readings for a donation to any and all who email her.